The uncompelling thoughts of a 15-year old Saudi, living what may or may not be the same routine, throughout 365 days.

Dreams only last for a night
Day #119

I’d say it was an unproductive day, but I guess it was a little productive considering I woke up around 2 PM, which I consider pretty early, and went to the dentist a couple hours afterwards. Dentists would be on top of the list of things I hate in this world if I had one, mainly because I’ve been there so many times and I completely despise the idea of having someone fiddle around with my teeth whilst talking to me when I can’t put together a decent reply. But my hatred for dentists kind of develops into a good thing, because I’m constantly worrying about my teeth and how clean they are considering I have ‘sensitive teeth’ as the dentist likes to call it, so I always brush them and get so paranoid about their general health. It’s a bit weird when you think of it, actually, but it makes sense to me. A lot of things seem irrational at first sight, in my guess.

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